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About Us

Meet Our Owner

Rachel Green is a wife and mom of 2 from Atlanta, Georgia. She has been a pastor's kid her whole life and has grown up dressing modestly. She love fashion and she says that shopping is her favorite hobby. Rachel started Rustic Proverb because she wanted young women to be able to dress modestly and not have to compromise their style. She has struggled in the past finding pieces that were cute, but that also didn't look like something that belonged on an 80-year-old granny. If you are an 80-year-old, don't be offended. You can still rock Rustic Proverb! Rachel hopes that you will fall in love with this brand as much as she has and let it be the place you come whenever you need something cute to wear! 


The Story Behind the Brand

Even though Rachel grew up in modesty, she did not always dress that way. For several years, she thought dressing modestly was "old-fashioned" and a restriction of your personal style. After years of struggling with the concept, she came to the realization that modesty is so much more than just clothes. It is an outward expression of your love for yourself and your relationship with God. Starting this brand is part of Rachel's testimony falling back in love with herself and with Jesus. You don't have to look like the world or even try to be accepted by them. Heaven is our reward, and at the end of the day, we just want to please Him. 

Rachel knew that she wanted to share this with other women who might be struggling with similar issues. So, she decided to handpick cute clothes where women all over the world could uphold their own values and still strut their stuff! She wanted to take the guesswork out of browsing numerous sites day and day out, only to find clothes that you still have to sew up, add extra undergarments, or hide under a sweater. You might find some pieces here that you want to add extra garments to (check out our Rustic Solutions section for some ideas) but, that is totally a personal choice. We don't want that to be decided for you. 


Why "Rustic Proverb?"

rustic - (adj.) made in plain, simple fashion

proverb - (n.) a short pithy saying in general use, stating a general truth or piece of advice.

The goal of Rustic Proverb is to simply provide modest fashion that allows women to show who they truly are and not have to compromise to alter a thing. We want to make modest fashion plain and simple to find and present it in a way that is true to the definition of who God has destined young women to be.