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November 06, 2020 2 min read

Have you ever need to go somewhere, but couldn't find anything cute or flattering to wear? Do your friends call and ask to go on a lunch or shopping date and you're like, "What can I wear all day that I won't have to worry about?" 

We all need a cute dress that we can just throw on and go. A dress that isn't so tight that it shows all the lumps and bumps. A dress that isn't so loose and baggy, we literally look like we're walking around in a garbage bag. 

What I love most about this dress is the way it looks draped over a curvy body. It lets you be you without having to feel self conscious about anything at all. 

Let's take a second and appreciate the tie. I mostly prefer flipping it the front for extra belly coverage, if you know what I mean. Wait, I don't mean coverage on an extra belly (or maybe...). HAHA. I mostly meant extra coverage for your belly. Especially if you have friends like mine that love to go out eat. But, you could also choose to wear it behind your like the model does here. It cinches in your waist a bit and makes you look more snatched. So yeah, I can dig that too. 

Wait until you feel this fabric! I wish y'all could feel it through the screen, but I could that's not the way online shopping works. I have to use my words to make you understand and feel what I'm feeling. (sigh) Okay, so here it goes: have you ever slept in a cloud, or walked around in a padded room of cotton balls everywhere, or maybe you've rolled around in a swimming pool of feathers? No, well buy this dress and you'll understand what all those glorious things feel like. No, I'm definitely kidding. But, this dress really is really, really, really soft. 

I want all my plus size ladies to pick this up this week in the powder blue or slate gray color and strut your stuff next Saturday. Okay, cool. Send me a pic to info@rusticproverb.com and tag us on IG so we can see!! 😊


xo Rachel


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